Shaq Has Serious Modulation Processes Conversation While Sitting In Tiny Chair

Pro Wrestling Editor

Shaq is about to get his doctorate and become Dr. Shaq, but he doesn’t want you calling him “Dr. Shaq”.

Shaquille O’Neal’s appearance on last night’s episode of ‘Conan’ featured the usual Shaq interview fare — stories about how he used to do “little guy things”, and the time he bought two Ferraris (Ferrarii?), cut them in half and superglued them back together so he could have a super Ferrari — but the highlight is definitely his conversation about the modulation process that occurs when a funny boss tries to be a serious boss and vice versa, and how he’s not gonna let grown men call him “Shaq” when he’s a doctor.

Of course, kids are still allowed to call him Shaq. No word on whether or not they’re allowed to yell WATCH OUT FOR THE SHAQ ATTACK a la Marge Simpson and pass the ball into his face.

I guess the other highlight is Conan breaking out the “tiny set” for Shaq. He should use it the next time he interviews Kristin Chenoweth and pretend he’s a monster.

[h/t Guyism]

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