11.28.06 12 years ago 3 Comments

Friends, I won't lie to you: after Matt Hasselbeck threw his third interception 16 minutes into the game, I very nearly walked into traffic. Every time Hasselbeck dropped back to pass, I thought it was going to be intercepted. It's a sickening feeling. But now I know how Steelers fans feel. A mile in their shoes and such. People in Pittsburgh have shoes, right?

Anyway, thanks to the reappearance of 2005 Shaun Alexander (40 carries, 201 yards) the ol' Seahawks rallied to beat the Pack 34-24 despite Hasselbeck's four first half turnovers and about 70 dropped passes by his receivers. Not to be outdone, Monday Night Warrior Brett Favre (career Monday night record: 17-15) threw three INTs as well, out-Favring Hasselbeck late in the game to end the Packers' slim playoff hopes.

Oh, and it snowed, which made a bunch of very witty commentators think that it was more like Green Bay. I just thought it was pretty and put on my mittens.

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