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Every person out there patting himself on the back because they correctly predicted the site of Tiger’s first comeback to golf, just stop. Nobody thought for a second that Tiger Woods would miss the Masters. Augusta National is the one place where, contrary to history, the dark-skinned fella has owned everyone in the field four times over. But one golfer, eight-time tour winner Steve Stricker hopes that the King of Cablinasia will make his comeback a bit sooner.

“Whenever he comes back it’s going to draw a lot of attention to that tournament,” said Stricker. “I don’t know if Augusta would like that to happen, you know? To turn it into ‘Tiger’s Comeback Tournament’ instead of the Masters tournament, itself. Hopefully, he comes back before then. You’d think, as a player, being gone for so long, he’d want to come back before.”

Stricker then went on to sum up the uncertainty in the game at the moment, saying: “Until you hear it from Tiger Woods and his agents, it’s still speculation. We’d like to know one way or another, for sure. Everybody would. It gets to the point where you’re saying, like, ‘C’mon, just make up your mind and tell us where you’re playing because we’re all dying to know anyway’.” –Independent (UK)

Apparently, it’s official. Poor Steve. It’s bad enough that he stands no chance of winning, but now he has to play in the shadow of some lascivious character. Loosen up, Steve-O. Jeez. Somebody send that guy a stripper.

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