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Friends, it's a sad, cynical day for the sports world.  It turns out that the love Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson so obviously share is marred by Jess's manager/creep father, Joe Simpson.  Oh I know, I was just as shocked as you were.  The details

An insider told OK! that the much-publicized Mexican excursion Jess and Tony enjoyed in January was never meant to include all the media hubbub. “Everybody agreed to tell no one about the trip,” the source said. “On the day they were flying out, who shows up? Joe Simpson. Tony and the other guys thought it was weird.”

Tony and his Dallas Cowboy teammates, who were also part of the festivities, now believe that Joe was the paparazzi informant, according to the source.

To make matters worse, Jessica seems to be suffering from guilt by association. “(Tony’s) family's view seems to be that Jess and her dad, Joe Simpson, are bringing Tony down,” the insider told the magazine. “I think they are ruining his image, as well as trying to capitalize on his fame, in order to boost hers.”

Keep in mind that this is the same Joe Simpson that once said, "Jessica never tries to be sexy. She just is sexy. If you put her in a T-shirt or you put her in a bustier, she's sexy in both. She's got double D's! You can't cover those suckers up!"  If you ever date a girl and her dad says that about his daughter, you're legally entitled to put on heavy-soled boots and crush his larynx with an ax-stomp.  Seriously, it's in the Constitution because the Founding Fathers were all creeped out by what a perv Ben Franklin was.

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