Check Out Tennis Stars Caroline Wozniacki And Genie Bouchard In The SI Swimsuit Issue

Tennis players Carol Wozniacki, Genie Bouchard and Serena Williams will appear in the upcoming Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, a thing that still exists in 2017. I don’t mean that from an “ugh sexism” point of view; I mean it from a “this thing only existed in the 1990s for people too ashamed to buy porn magazines in a pre-online era, so who is this issue for now?” point of view.

The argument is probably that SI now enlists lots of famous athletes for this issue, allowing fans to see them in less clothing than usual.

Anyway, here are some more images of Bouchard:

And one of Wozniacki that she posted to her Instagram account:

It’s probably smart that Bouchard did the Super Bowl date before this issue came out because that dude would’ve probably just been staring at the photos with her sitting next to him for two hours.

Maybe this issue would be more fun if the poses haven’t been the same for two-plus decades. “OK, mash your boobs together. OK, now prance with this [enter prop here].” That’s all they’ve got. Instead of beaches and exotic locales, why not have the women pose in weird places, like an OTB betting window or a Chipotle? What’s hotter than a beautiful human being in very little clothing pointing at guac?

Anyway, sorry for all the words that got in the way of the reason you came to look at this post. Perverts.


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