Watch Sidney Crosby Perfectly Flip A Stick Into His Teammate’s Hands

11.07.15 3 years ago

Anyone who follows hockey on even a casual basis knows that Sidney Crosby is a great guy to have as a teammate. The Penguins center is one of the league’s top offensive talents and constantly helps his linemates put points on the stat sheet, whether by scoring goals with his great finishing touch or by setting them up with his elite passing abilities.

But not all of Sid’s assists wind up on the box score. For example, take this awesome helper Crosby dished out on Saturday night against the Calgary Flames. After fellow Penguin Patric Hörnqvist lost his stick in a collision with a Flames player, Crosby helped him retrieve it by casually using his own stick to flip the lumber straight back into Hörnqvist’s hands.

It was awesome, but also also kind of illegal since you’re not allowed to throw, flip or slide equipment. I’m willing to look past that since, again, it was awesome. Apparently, the refs on the ice agreed because Crosby wasn’t penalized for the play.

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