Simone Biles Is The ‘Fast And Furious’ Franchise Of Athletes

For two decades, the Fast & Furious franchise has been steadily mounting an assault on the laws of physics and how far we as an audience will suspend our belief of reality in exchange for watching Vin Diesel and company save the world through the power of family, cars, and NOS.

The latest installment of the franchise is F9: The Fast Saga, slated to come our way later this year and it will, once again, up the ante of absurd stunts and the ability to resurrect characters once presumed dead (or, in this case, twice presumed dead). Our Brian Grubb laid out the 14 most ridiculous things that happen in the four-minute long trailer for F9 here, in a comprehensive look at the various ridiculous and wonderful ways the franchise continues to press on.

In sports, unlike film, we are bound to the limits of human performance and the laws of physics. However, there are certain athletes that bend our conception of those limits and a select few that simply shatter them. Simone Biles is maybe the best example of this, as she does things in gymnastics that no one has ever done or even considered trying, out of the belief that they are too ridiculous or physically impossible. As such, I posit the theory that Biles is the closest thing we in sports have to a real life Fast & Furious franchise.

On Monday, Biles once again exhibited this quality, showing off some work she’s doing in the gym in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, in which the only real competition she seems to have for gold is her own imagination. Here, we can see her working on a triple backflip in the pike position off of the vault, which is absurd.

Biles already has four different skills named after her in gymnastics — one on vault, one on balance beam, and two on floor exercise — because she was the first to land them in competition. If she pulled this out in competition, she would have five, which is absolutely insane.

What I’m saying is, I want Simone Biles in the Fast 10 (Fast X, probably) to vault over cars and stuff because she can actually do the things that seem unbelievable in a non-movie context.