Sit Down, Shut Up, And Watch World Order's Video For 'Have A Nice Day'

03.21.14 4 years ago 9 Comments
World Order

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Genki Sudo has been described as a malfunctioning robot from the future, sent back in time to eliminate humanity, except he got broken during time travel so now he brings us joy instead of murder. I’ve written about Sudo before, for my MMA blog, Leg Kick TKO, and I noted that after he retired from active mixed martial arts and kickboxing competition, he formed a music group known as World Order. Sudo is the writer, composer, singer, lead dancer and main choreographer for the group.

Now, the “Transforming Trickster” has released a new video for the song “Have A Nice Day”, set in the Akihabara section of Tokyo, complete with a visit to a maid cafe. As is the case with all World Order videos, literally every second of it was delightful and filled my heart with laughter and joy. I don’t even want to type any more words about how great the video is since that isn’t me watching the video again.

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