Skateboarding’s Debut At The Olympics Has Already Given Us A Guy Crashing Nuts First Into A Rail

Skateboarding made its debut at the Olympics on Sunday in Tokyo (Saturday here stateside) in a moment that few ever thought would happen. Tony Hawk was on hand for the start of the Street competition, and couldn’t help but notice the surreal atmosphere that was skate culture being on display at the Olympic Games.

However, it couldn’t truly be a skateboarding event until some unfortunate soul became the first to take a groin shot off a rail. Peru’s Angelo Caro Narvaez was the poor individual who had to take that leap into Olympic history by taking an absolute direct shot to the nuts on Sunday morning in Tokyo.

There are so many unfortunate things about this video. For one, he was so close to landing a nice grind down the first rail, but gets his weight just a little too far back and sees the board pop up on him as he’s careening towards another rail. In his head, he’s thinking he has to bail so he doesn’t hurt himself on said rail, but somehow he goes backwards into it, with the rail splitting his legs and his momentum being stopped by the worst possible body part.

He would be, ultimately, alright, but it is at least a little bit of Olympic history for him, if there’s any consolation to be found in such a painful moment. As any good skateboarder would, he was right back on his board for his next run and absolutely ripped.

Caro Narvaez would go on to qualify for the finals where he finished fifth, an impressive bounce back from an absolutely disastrous start to his Olympics.