Smug LeBron Is Being Super Smug Right Now

01.12.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

As the Cleveland Cavaliers got absolutely decimated by the Los Angeles Lakers, 112-57 (yes, you read that correctly), LeBron James decided to pop out the above tweet near the end of the game. He was smart enough to write it in such an indirect way that you could make it about basically anything, yet everyone knew what he was talking about. Suck it, David Stern’s money brigade!

A couple days ago, James talked about how he’s embracing the role of the “villain” in the NBA, as he’s disliked by so many yet his team has been doing so well after a slow 9-8 start, going 21-1 in the last 22 games. The Miami Heat look pretty unstoppable right now, and it’s becoming certain that James has some kind of combination of anger and determination right now that didn’t seem visible during his ending years in Cleveland. Hell, his location on his Twitter page is “Wherever Haters Are”! The craziest part about it, though, is that he covers it all with a usually passive attitude that makes it even more dangerous. He wants to embarrass your team, but he tries so hard to make it look like he’s not trying hard, if that makes sense.

It’s really hard for the wounds to heal in Cleveland, as their Cavaliers team is pretty terrible right now and sorely missing any good players. Their record is 8-30, they haven’t won a game since December 18 (losing 11 straight in the process) and it doesn’t look like the problems they have now can be solved in just one offseason. And here comes James, doing what he does best: trolling Cleveland. It’s got to hurt at least a little bit, and none of it seems fair. But let me tell you this: it gets better. How does it get better? Well, I have no clue, but I’m sure that if I say it gets better, it will at one point, and I will be right.

I never got into the NBA as other people, although I still watch occasional Celtics games and anything with Blake Griffin, but I really want the regular season to be over now just to see how crazy the playoffs will be. We’re not even halfway through the season, and it’s been shown in the past that teams should pace themselves during the 82 games for more success in the postseason. If the Heat can keep up what they’re doing, however, it’s going to be incredibly hard for any team in their conference, or the league, to stop them. Your counterpoint, however, could be the fact that we’re in the best part of the NFL season right now, and to that I would say you are absolutely correct. FOOBAW

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