So That Rob Ford Vs. Hulk Hogan Arm Wrestling Match Happened

Yesterday we reported that Toronto’s crack smoking, football failing mayor Rob Ford was going to face WWE Hall Of Famer/TNA Wrestling Biker Gang Hater Hulk Hogan in an arm wrestling exhibition to promote Fan Expo Canada. The general consensus was that Ford “looked like Brock Lesnar in 30 years, if you squint” and that his teeth were the same color as his hairs. Exactly the kind of reaction Ford was looking for.

As a follow-up to that story, the arm wrestling match has happened, and some poor guy at Now Toronto had to watch it with his head in his hands and then be all like, “over here, over here” to get a good picture.

Because you’ve always wondered if a 60-year old pro wrestler could beat a crack-addled Canadian mayor in an arm wrestling match, here’s the clip:

Rob Ford vs Hulk Hogan from NOW Magazine on Vimeo.

My favorite parts:

1. Hogan doing about a minute of work and getting paid 8 million dollars, or whatever they paid him
2. Rob Ford needing a towel to wipe his face after pretending to arm wrestle for 30 seconds

Hey Rob, next time you’re gonna cross promote with wrestling, why not bring in Bret Hart? He’s actually Canadian, and he’s got experience putting fat celebrities in their place.

[h/t to Graham Brown]