Soccer Continues To Have Some Seriously Messed Up Fans

Let me try to explain the average European soccer fan to you. Take the most obscene Philly guy imaginable, the one who boos Santa Claus. And take the raunchiest female in the Black Hole, the one who spits on opposing fans. Get them both in a room and let them procreate. Voila, their offspring is a European soccer fan.

This latest story from across the pond is just incredibly bizarre, even by soccer fan standards.

…FC Muri goalkeeper Reto Felder was the target of a prank by FC Baden fans behind his net during their match on Saturday.

The fans allegedly asked a ball boy to hand them Felder’s water bottle while he wasn’t looking. The fans quickly emptied, then re-filled the bottle with urine.

The next time Felder took a drink from the bottle there was a huge uproar from the fans behind him: “You have been infected! You have AIDS,” the report says.

Nope, nope and nope. Nope.

Wait, yeah, nope.

I mean, somebody goes to jail for this right? This is like a scene out of “Waiting”, except a whole lot worse and a whole lot more disgusting.