Soccer Fans Are Trying To Blow Up Their Least Favorite Players

In the grand tradition of somebody throwing a grenade at soccer players comes this clip from Sunday’s match between Anorthosis and Omonia Nicosia, wherein a player gets injured and somebody in the crowd throws firecrackers at him. No, you read that right: he wasn’t injured when someone threw firecrackers at him, he was already injured and on the ground with a bunch of people huddling over him, then the firecrackers were thrown. I know, right?

One of the most interesting things about running a blog is observing how difficult it is to get people on the Internet to believe anything. If you post a picture of Scarlett Johansson naked on a bed and she says it’s her, people call it fake and start dissecting it by angles to prove it. If she says it isn’t her, they use those same angles to find matching lightswitches and wallpaper prints to verify that she was AT THAT SAME HOTEL ONCE so it HAD to be her. If you post a video of someone throwing a grenade onto a soccer field, people say it was enhanced with CGI (no, really) and explain how grenades have shrapnel, so while this may have been an explosive it wasn’t a grenade, because blah blah something something Dwight Schrute. This video already has its detractors, with people saying the smoke and explosion were scripted, and the players are just diving and playing it up. You know, because a Cypriot football match needs a SOMEONE TRIED TO EXPLODE US narrative.

That said, explanations as to why someone would toss explosives at an injured player are already popping up in the comments section, so I’ll let a couple of psychotic, asshole soccer fans explain it themselves:

F**k everyone who would not react in the same way.

[h/t to Larry Brown Sports]