This Soccer Manager Couldn’t Resist Vaping In The Middle Of A Match

01.07.17 2 years ago

You may not know that Paul Doswell has managed Sutton United for more than 500 games, but now you know he’s vaped through at least one of those matches.

The second division manager got his Nigel Gruff on and showed off his sick vape skills on Saturday during the team’s FA Cup match against AFC Wimbledon. Doswell was caught taking a long pull from a vape pen at least twice during the Fox Sports broadcast, the announcers even mentioning “stress pipes” as he continued to vape on the field.

Not to be that guy, but his vape cloud isn’t nearly as impressive as some other videos on the internet. He might get some hate from those more committed to vape life.

Doswell’s vaping is just another aspect of the magic of the FA Cup, in which English football teams of all shapes and sizes play endless matches until only one remains atop a pile of other teams at Wembly. The vape clouds may have made the broadcast because the match itself wasn’t the most entertaining, as Wimbledon and Sutton played to a scoreless draw.

One interesting thing about this one: Wimbledon’s return to Sutton was a trip back to where the team played its first ever game in 2002. The Dons are actually a pretty amazing sports story – their club relocated to Milton Keynes and its supporters started a replacement franchise that’s gotten nine promotions in 15 years and is now a League One club (League One is the third-highest level of English soccer). One of their major sources of revenue is a FIFA video game Let’s Play video series done by internet-famous YA author John Green. It’s all pretty wild.

Wimbledon is great, but not great enough to best Doswell and his vicious vapes. The two teams will have a replay later this year.

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