05.05.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

Because I'm so jaded from keeping it "real" all the time (keeping it real = sleeping outside and panhandling to buy a bottle of Wild Irish Rose), I thought this was a doctored video when I first saw it.  But no, apparently Steve Goodwin, the goalkeeper for minor-minor league team Montgomery Town, really scored this 80-yard goal (h/t: FanIQ). 

It's just one of several watchable soccer videos making the Internet rounds of late.  Also of note:

  • Goalkeeper stops penalty kick, then slide-tackles attacker stop the follow-up, resulting in a goalpost face-plant that will echo through the centuries.
  • Italian announcer goes batshit during AC Milan's 2-1 victory over Inter Milan.  As with most Italians, it begins as funny and charming, then the act gets old and you just want to see him torn to pieces  by wild dogs.
  • David Beckham netted two goals against Real Salt Lake.  Beckham becomes the first man to score twice in a five-minute span in Utah since they cracked down on polygamy.

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