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Ashton Kutcher is making a football movie called Traded, a soon-to-be huge piece of shit. From some Hollywood trade paper:

Ashton Kutcher is looking to tackle a football comedy for Paramount Pictures.

Thesp is in final negotiations to star in the sports-themed pic “Traded,” which had been developed at DreamWorks but became the property of Par following DreamWorks’ exit in the fall.

Storycenters on a superstar NFL quarterback and a 12-year-old middle school geek who magically trade bodies, then quickly learn valuable lessons about humility and courage.

Humility and courage. I bet Ashton could get quite a lesson in those virtues from a 12-year-old. And his girlfriend is old! That’s hilarious. He’s a total douchebag that probably snorted meth out of the ass of that dog in that picture. Other than that he’s a great guy.

UPDATE: FilmDrunk did a post on this earlier in the day, with a banner image that’s worth seeing.

[via Sports Pros(e)]

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