Someone Paid $749,000 For Kim Kardashian’s Engagement Ring From Kris Humphries

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy that was actually Los Angeles, Kim Kardashian was married to an NBA player named Kris Humphries. K-Hump, as we’d eventually call him, was a slightly-above-average role player for the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets, but he was lucky enough to catch Kim Kardashian in a down swing during her quest to date some of the most uninspiring professional athletes in recent memory. Eventually, K-Hump would hire Kris Jenner to be his manager and he’d be the man who finally earned Kardashian’s hand in marriage. You know, for the second time.

Despite the fact that K-Hump’s contract didn’t pay him enough, Kardashian was soon spotted wearing a humongous engagement ring, but word would eventually leak that E! allegedly not only paid for the ring, but the Keeping Up with the Kardashians network was footing the bill for the entire star-studded celebrity wedding that would eventually net the Kardashians $17 million in endorsements. And that doesn’t even include the money that Kim made from returning all of the gifts. You know, allegedly.

And now, someone has apparently purchased Kim’s 16.21-carat engagement ring for $749,000, despite the fact that it was reportedly worth $2 million. Thankfully, though, the journalists at US Weekly finally have the truth behind who actually paid for the ring and who sold it.

It was confirmed last month that NBA player Humphries, 28, was selling the ring with which he proposed to Kardashian, now 32, back in May 2011. The auction catalog noted that that a portion of the proceeds from the item’s sale would benefit an as-yet-undetermined charity.

“Kim has been waiting for the day he would auction it,” a source told Us in September. “Everyone always asked what Kim did with the ring — she silently gave it back over a year ago! And Kris waited until the divorce was final to sell it.”

“The ring is definitely not worth $2 million, not even half of that,” sniffs the source. Indeed, Kardashian, not Humphries, initially paid for the ring herself. (Via US Weekly)

I love this. So for the length of their engagement, Kim bragged to the entire world that her man bought and gave her a $2 million ring, but now her revenge for K-Hump exposing her for profiting from their fake wedding and cashing in on all of the gifts that their “friends” sent her is telling everyone that his stupid ring was barely worth $1 million and now he’s only getting $749,000 for it, and, worst of all, some of it’s going to charity!

WINNER, once and for all: Kim Kardashian. Hopefully she’ll send K-Hump a pair of leather sweatpants to dry his tears.