‘Spider-Man Plays Basketball’ Is Back With A Visit From Captain America

Senior Writer

Captain America Bone Collector

Grayson Boucher, wait, I mean the Professor, no, I mean Spider-Man decided to take a break from fighting crime on the basketball court so he could stay at home and work on his web shooters. Instead, this latest installment of “Spider-Man Plays Basketball” stars Larry Williams, I mean Bone Collector, DAMN IT, sorry, I mean Captain America as the Marvel superhero that takes to your local street basketball game to fight crime by humiliating random kids with his hilarious and impressive moves.

Now, I have to admit that I haven’t picked up a Captain America comic book in quite some time, so maybe I’m not as familiar with his super powers as the next guy, but I wasn’t aware that he had a super human ability to double dribble.

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