Spike Lee Tried To Break Some NFL News, And It Didn’t Go So Well

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Spike Lee thought he had a big NFL scoop when he posted to Instagram on Saturday. Unfortunately for him, he did not. The filmmaker sent out premature congratulations to Colin Kaepernick for securing employment on Saturday. Lee posted a photo of himself and Kaepernick with a congratulatory caption that said the free agent quarterback had signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

SB Nation snagged a screencap of the post, which has since been deleted.

“Big Love Shoutout To The Head Coach Pete Carroll For Siging My Brother Colin Kaepernick To The Seattle Seahawks,” Lee wrote on Instagram. “The Truth Is On Your Side. Much Success For The Coming NFL Season.”

Lee has been vocal about his support for Kaepernick. Like many, he says it’s “BS” that Kaepernick hasn’t found a team in the NFL despite a wealth of other, statistically worse quarterbacks signing on as spring turns to summer. In fact, the deleted post has the exact same image as the first one he posted voicing his support for Kaepernick. So it’s no wonder he’d be really excited if Settle gave Kaepernick a chance.

But Lee is not exactly a sports reporter, and he might have jumped the gun on this scoop. Several members of the media chimed in after this to give us an update on Kaep to the Hawks.

It doesn’t exactly sound like Lee’s congratulations will be necessary for at least a few more days. Maybe he should try his hand at breaking NBA news. The Knicks still have some moves to make, right?