Sports Illustrated Doesn’t Watch UFC, Decides That It Is Fixed

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07.10.13 12 Comments

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Earlier this week, Ashley Burns put together a list of 10 UFC 162 main event conspiracies that he’d just thought of off the top of his head. Anderson Silva didn’t look like he was giving it his all and was trying to pull the arrogant stuff he’s done to great success in other fights, got caught, and a guy who nobody (except fighters, promoters and pretty much everybody who watches or participates in MMA) predicted to win won.

Sports Illustrated ALSO compiled a list of conspiracy theories, but instead of putting them in a jokey slideshow, they said them with their mouths and meant them.

On Monday’s SI Now, Sports Illustrated senior writer Chris Mannix, producer Ted Keith, and senior producer Andrew Perloff discuss this weekend’s fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman and whether or not it was fixed. (via SI)

The important thing to note here is that none of them watched it. At best, they googled “Anderson Silva UFC 162 gif” on Monday afternoon. Regardless, I think I speak for everyone when I say sports desperately needed an uninformed, borderline-TMZ talk show about how what we assume about sports we don’t watch is totally true.

Video is after the jump.

Conspiracy theory: This episode of Hashtag Sports Illustrated N+W isn’t real. I mean, I didn’t get through the entire clip, but I watched wrestling on Monday, and wrestling is fake, and it makes sense that this might be, too. An unexpected thing happened from my perspective. No way that is real!

What do you think? Are these people real? Will Sports Illustrated talking heads be cast into a thousand years of shadow? It’s ONE OR THE OTHER, GUYS.

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