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St. Andrew’s Net is With Leather’s daily link dump. I’m pretty sure a week-old dump would fare better than the Raiders at this point.

  • The Fightins follow up with the fake Joba and discover that he is actually a Phillies fan. So he must have booed the girls after he date raped them.
  • Shutdown Corner airs Pacman Jones complaints that a Browns player was all up on his junk in a pile on Sunday. And, no, Pacman ain’t down wid it.
  • Holy Taco unravels the conspiracy behind the Brady injury. It’s a compelling and plausible scenario, albeit a amusingly fucktarded one.
  • Meanwhile Lion In Oil reveals the shocking standouts of the weekend: the Cassels! Even more shocking: Lindsay Lohan looking… appealing?
  • D.C. Sports Bog finds Fred Smoot likening Marcus Washington’s ‘fro to Jabba the Hut. Timmy Brady can warn him about the Smoot curse.
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