‘Star Wars’ Fans Now Apparently Love Football, Even If They Have No Idea How To Play It

The fact that the latest trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens premiered during Monday Night Football was genius marketing synergy bullsh*t corporate majesty at its finest, but it wasn’t exactly something a lot of folks seemed willing to do before the game aired. Luckily it went quick and the trailer was online soon after to become a massive trending topic that swallowed up everything else that broke in its wake.

But according to Conan, the unexpected result of the Monday Night Football/Star Wars partnership is that a lot of fans are now into football (something you would know is a joke if you watched the actual game they played last night). Apparently they got some of the fans together for a pick-up game in the park and things went…awkwardly. Not only is Darth Maul a bit of a dick with the football (in its originally packaging), but C3P0 has decided to to drop the helmet and just sit on the field and watch the trailer for The Force Awakens again.

Also interesting, I think Leia must be into Aussie Rules Football because she actually would score some points with a pretty sweet kick through the bush uprights. Not bad, Leia. You all should try out for the Lions.

(Via Team Coco)