What If The NFL Played In The Star Wars Universe?

John Raya is an illustrator from Mexico City who has put together an excellent Star Wars fan art project just in time for the Super Bowl. He illustrated National Football League helmets if they were from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Star Wars NFL includes teams like the Yavin Rebels (above) and the the Nal Hutta Hutts. We’ve heard the Nal Hutta Hutts don’t yell hut before hiking the ball. They say “make them suffer for this outrage”. Han Solo can’t play ’cause he always makes a false start and blames it on Greedo.

Our favorites among John Raya’s Star Wars NFL helmets are collected here. Thanks to Cheezburger for the assist.

The Tatooine Tuskenraiders

The Ryloth Twileks

The Naboo Gungans

The Toydaria Wattos

The Dagobah Yodas

The Ryloth Interceptors

The Shili Togrutas

The Kuat Walkers

The Malastare Dugs

The Nal Hutta Hutts

Check out the rest of John Raya’s Star Wars NFL at Behance.