A Vikings Wide Receiver Paid Tribute To Randy Moss With His Cleats And Touchdown Celebration

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It’s Randy Moss night in Minnesota. The Vikings are kicking off their 2017 campaign in a big way, paying homage to one of the greatest players in franchise history by inducting Moss into their Ring of Honor during their Week 1 matchup with the New Orleans Saints. And while individual players probably didn’t have to do anything to pay their respects to Moss, Stefon Diggs did.

Diggs wore a pair of cleats that featured Moss’ face on one shoe and Moss pretending to moon Green Bay fans on the other. They are wonderful.

In fact, Moss got the chance to check out the cleats himself. He grabbed a sharpie and autographed them for the Vikings’ young receiver, giving Diggs one of the coolest pieces of football memorabilia that anyone could ask for.

Diggs then caught a pair of touchdowns, both paying tribute to Moss in one way or another. First, he found himself wide open as he reeled in this pass from Sam Bradford and celebrated like he was Moss.

Then on his second grab, Diggs went up and snagged this pass from Bradford in a way that could best be described as Moss-ian.

Diggs is in his third year in the league and has looked like a future star when he’s been able to stay on the field. But on the night where he has Moss on his feet and the legendary receiver was immortalized by the Vikings, Diggs has done some stuff that reminds us of No. 84.