Steph Curry Celebrated ‘Mean Girls’ Day, Because He’s Just Like You

10.03.16 2 years ago

Paramount Pictures

Every day is a holiday, but for Mean Girls fans, October 3 is special. Though the movie came out 12 years ago, it’s a film that’s stuck with pop culture in a very lasting way. We wear pink on Wednesdays, for example, and also October 3 is obviously the day Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what day it was. It was, like, a really big deal.

Plenty of sports teams celebrated what’s become Mean Girls Day on Monday with posts on everyone’s favorite digital version of high school: Twitter. The Golden State Warriors kicked things off for us by going right to the NBA’s reigning MVP. That’s right: Steph Curry knows what day it is.

The Chicago Blackhawks recreated the classic scene in the locker room, with goaltender Scott Darling taking the role of Cady and defenseman Trevor van Riemsdyk doing an admirable Aaron impression. Well, he kind of just sat there, but it was still an admirable impression.

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