Stephen A. Smith’s Disastrous Chiefs-Chargers Segment Is Painful To Watch

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Sometimes, a television segment goes really wrong. That can be due to a number of reasons, but Thursday on First Take, it was because Stephen A. Smith was wrong about just about everything while discussing the Chiefs and Chargers.

Smith, who I quite literally just wrote a lengthy profile about being an insanely hard worker who prides himself on journalistic integrity, managed to mention he was excited about a matchup between two players that have not played football this season in Chargers tight end Hunter Henry (who injured his ACL in the offseason) and former Chiefs linebacker Derrick Johnson (released by the Raiders in the offseason).

He also brought up looking out for Spencer Ware, who is at least on the Chiefs but is listed as doubtful for Thursday night’s game. All the while, Tedy Bruschi and Max Kellerman look on in horror, realizing Smith is wrong about just about everything he’s saying.

The pain on Bruschi’s face while Smith goes into this spiral of wrongness is the same as most everyone that watched. Smith addressed this issue on Twitter, saying he meant to say Virgil Green and misspoke talking about Henry, but owned up to it at least a bit by saying he understood if folks wanted to tell him to stay off the weed.

It’s certainly not Stephen A.’s finest work, and he’ll rightfully get crushed for this. It’s one thing to confuse who is on the roster in the opening weeks of the season, but in Week 15 there aren’t really any good excuses. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s not a good look for Stephen A., especially given his reputation with many that he just says things to say them (which is one of the few things that actually upsets him).

Still, Smith will press forward and continue to deliver his takes without remorse, although you can bet he’ll be giving rosters a double-check for a little bit.