Stephen A. Smith Is Melting Down About Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock At The Oscars

The entire entertainment world came to a halt on Sunday night when Will Smith walked on stage at the Oscars, proceeded to smack the hell out of Chris Rock for telling a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, walk back to his seat, and tell Rock to keep his wife’s name out of his “f**king mouth.”

It was one of the craziest moments in live television history, and after initially seeming like it was possibly a bit, the reaction of everyone certainly indicated this was very real. There was a response from just about everyone, but when the world needs someone to deliver strong takes and immediately stake out a deeply entrenched stance on an issue, we can always turn to one man, our north star in the world of takes, Stephen A. Smith.

Sure enough, despite having an early call-time tomorrow morning for First Take, Smith was dialed on the Oscars and immediately had some thoughts.

This was just the beginning — and please note the commitment to tagging the wrong Will Smith throughout his thread, a man who surely regrets locking down that Twitter handle more than a decade ago in this moment — as he quickly stakes claim to the idea that Smith was 100 percent in the wrong here, lighting up the movie star for “staining the greatest moment of his career,” given he was likely to win Best Actor for King Richard later that night.

For those concerned that Smith was jumping to conclusions too soon, have no fear, he went back and watched the All-22 and confirmed his suspicions that Smith was out of line.

Not only has Smith stained his reputation in Smith’s eyes, but he has ruined the night for everyone. Pack it up, folks, these Oscars are tainted now.

Now, Smith is right in that this will be the only thing people talk about from this night, but his defense of Rock seems to be missing a bit of key information, which is that Jada Pinkett Smith has been very open about her alopecia and its effects on her losing her hair, and Rock’s G.I. Jane joke that he may have thought was benign, seems to have crossed a line in that regard.

It’s also possible that Smith is rattled by Chris Rock’s quick comeuppance, as if people can get slapped on television for inflammatory remarks about someone else, Stephen A. may have to keep an eye out for Kevin Durant or any number of other athletes who might want to pay the Seaport studios a visit.