Steve Smith, Sr. Handled This Twitter Troll Like A Boss

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San Diego Chargers v Baltimore Ravens

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Steve Smith, Sr.’s on-field trash talk is the stuff of legend, and he’s not opposed to using his hands to get his point across either. So, why any Twitter troll would want to target the Ravens 15-year veteran is beyond me, but somebody did today and paid for it. Dearly.

Smith Sr. was just minding his own business, chilling and enjoying some playoff football on a Saturday afternoon like most of us. While doing so, he saw fit to tweet some of his thoughts about the Texans abysmal first half against the Chiefs.

To which this Texans fan decided to make the “dude, how’s the playoffs FROM YOUR COUCH” joke.

Of course, Steve responded to that in the only way he knows how: Like a Boss.

The 36-year-old, 5-time Pro Bowler has made over $80 million in his storied career, so it’s likely that chair is mighty comfy.

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