Strip These Guys Down To Their Underwear And Let Them Fight

05.11.12 7 years ago 6 Comments


The following video carries a loose “viewer discretion advised” tag because I’m not sure where to draw the line, and there is a pretty flagrant use of the f-word and at least 20 confused women standing around in their underwear. At the same time, I’m pretty sure those are the only two things that happen during a Lingerie Football Game.

Anyway, during the Lingerie Football All-Star Game in Mexico City, Western Conference coach Tony Nguyen got into it with Eastern Conference coach Chandler Brown for something that happened on the field before a kick went out of bounds. They squared off mid-field, and here we are, watching two grown men come to blows over what happened in Mexico when one group of underwear ladies did something uncool to the other.

Video is below.

Five quick observations:

1. In his spare time, Tony Nugyen is a pissed-off Mickey Mouse.

2. There are a hell of a lot of people in the crowd for a Lingerie Football All-Star Game.

3. Additionally, “LOL Lingerie Football has All-Stars? How terrible do you have to be to NOT be a Lingerie Football All-Star? How do you go home and tell your family that you play football for a living, but it’s in your underwear and you’re worse than everybody else?”

4. And furthermore, what life decisions do you have to make to end up as one of the guys who gave the Lingerie Football League a black eye?

5. I love the extraneous apostrophe in the “WIRE’D UP” graphic. WIRE HAD UP.

I’m starting to wonder whether or not they did this on purpose. The only time we ever write about them is when they throw hands at each other, after all. I don’t know if I can live in a world where the integrity of the LFL has been compromised.

[h/t The Last Angry Fan]

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