A Ref Had A Scary Fall During The Patriots-Broncos Sunday Night Football Game And Had To Be Carted Off

During the Sunday Night Football game between the Broncos and the Patriots, a referee had to be carted off and, for the first time possibly ever, was entered into concussion protocol after taking a scary slam to the turf. You can see a Patriots player chuck a Bronco, completely unaware that the ref was near them, right into the back of the ref’s legs. The ref gets swept, then slams backward, bouncing his head off the turf and staying down for a long while.

He doesn’t look good. At a quick glance, he also kinda looks like Bill Belichick, which is weird. Preliminary reports (on Twitter) are saying that he’s okay, but that was one of the nastiest hits of any game this Sunday.

Of course, there were some jokes. Some in better taste than others. It’s really been a weird night of football. The Patriots have destroyed the Broncos, while the most interesting bit of offense from Denver came in the form of Brock Osweiler doming an unsuspecting coach on the sidelines with an out of bounds throw.

It’s as if the Broncos are only able to put decent hits on people that are in no way supposed to be taking damage in this game.