Brock Osweiler’s Out Of Bounds Pass Perfectly Domed An Unsuspecting Member Of The Broncos Staff

Brock Osweiler isn’t the most accurate quarterback in the league, nor does he have the best awareness when it comes to getting rid of the ball under pressure. In this one instance, against a ferocious Patriots rush, the Bronco turned Texan turned Brown turned Bronco again did the smart thing and aired out a pass to the sideline. Well done, Brock. Unfortunately, your pass was incredibly accurate in the worst possible way. Watch it smack off the face of an unsuspecting member of Broncos staff with an incredible smacking noise.

Here’s another angle of the tremendous blow:

Brock hasn’t been having an easy night in any sense against the Patriots. Not only did he ruin the face of one of his own, but he also pulled off a flop worthy of the other “football.”

Osweiler’s career 59 percent completion percentage makes pundits shake their heads when talk of his 4-year, $72 million contract from the Texans comes up, but this sniper shot of a pass to this man’s facial region will now take the conversation away from that contractual blunder and rightfully become Osweiler’s greatest achievement in his NFL career.