Super Bowl Prop Bet Live Results: How Every On Field Prop Bet Ended

For fans of the 30 other teams beyond the Chiefs and Buccaneers, the main focal point for Sunday’s Super Bowl is going to be from a gambling perspective. For some that’s a straight bet on the side or total, while others have side bets and squares games working with family and friends. There are also millions of dollars that have been wagered on various prop bets, many of which have already cashed in the first quarter.

Working off of the Westgate SuperBook prop sheet, we’re going to keep a running tally of the results of all of the on-field prop bets in the Super Bowl so that, in case you have a lot of exposure, you can find them easily.

Chiefs Props

First kickoff by Harrison Butker a touchback: YES (-280)
First pass by Patrick Mahomes: COMPLETE (-200)
First reception by Byron Pringle: UNDER 6.5 (-110)
First rush by Patrick Mahomes: OVER 5.5 (-110)
Chiefs convert first 3rd down attempt: YES (+110)
What will happen first? Chiefs score or Chiefs Punt: Chiefs Punt (-140)
First punt by Tommy Townsend: OVER 44.5 (-110)
Will Tommy Townsend punt a touchback: YES (+330)
First rush by Tyreek Hill: OVER 4.5 (-110)
First rush by Clyde Edwards-Helaire: OVER 3.5 (+150)
Will Harrison Butker make a 1Q FG: YES (+200)
Will the Chiefs score a 1Q TD: No (-110)
Chiefs 1Q Points: UNDER 3.5 (+120)
Will Patrick Mahomes throw a 1Q TD: No (-170)
Shortest gross punt by Tommy Townsend: UNDER 38.5 (-110)
First reception by Travis Kelce: UNDER 10.5 (-110)
First reception by Tyreek Hill: OVER 11.5 (-110)
First rush by Darrel Williams: UNDER 3.5 (-140)
First rush by Tyreek Hill: OVER 4.5 (-110)
Will Harrison Butker kick a FG in the second quarter: YES (+110)
Total FGs by Harrison Butker: OVER 1.5 (-130)
Any “Will [Insert Any Chiefs Player] score a 1H TD” prop: NO
Chiefs 1H points: UNDER 14.5 (-110)
Total Chiefs penalties: OVER 5.5 (-110)
Total Chiefs penalty yards: OVER 52.5 (-110)
First catch for Mecole Hardman: UNDER 8.5 (-110)
Longest rush by Clyde Edwards-Helaire: OVER 9.5 (-110)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire rushing yards: OVER 29.5 (-110)
Harrison Butker points: OVER 8.5 (-110)
Will Harrison Butker make a 3Q field goal: YES (+200)
What will Patrick Mahomes throw first? TD or INT: Interception (+330)
Will Patrick Mahomes throw an interception: YES (+155)
Chris Jones total tackles: OVER 2.5 (-110)
First reception for Sammy Watkins: OVER 10.5 (-110)
First reception for Clyde Edwards-Helaire: OVER 4.5 (-110)
Clyde Edwards-Helaire receiving yards: OVER 18.5 (-110)
Patrick Mahomes total rush yards: OVER 19.5 (-110)
Travis Kelce total receptions: OVER 7.5 (-110)
Travis Kelce receiving yards: OVER 98.5 (-110)
First reception by DeMarcus Robinson: OVER 7.5 yards (-110)
Patrick Mahomes total passing attempts: OVER 41.5 (-110)
Patrick Mahomes total completions: UNDER 27.5 (-110)
Patrick Mahomes total incompletions: OVER 13.5 (-110)
Patrick Mahomes will have more gross passing yards in which half: SECOND HALF (-140)
Patrick Mahomes passing yards: UNDER 329.5 (-110)
Darrel Williams receptions: OVER 1.5 (-130)
Darrel Williams longest reception: OVER 8.5 yards (-110)
Tyreek Hill receiving yards: UNDER 90.5 (-110)
Tyreek Hill receptions: OVER 6.5 (-110)
Tyreek Hill longest catch: UNDER 27.5 (-110)
Tyreek Hill rushing yards: UNDER 5.5 (-110)
Travis Kelce longest reception: OVER 23.5 (-110)
Any Harrison Butker MISS props: NO
Tommy Townsend total punts: UNDER 3.5 (-110)
Tommy Townsend longest punt: UNDER 53.5 (-110)
Any Chiefs INT player prop: NO
Charvarius Ward tackles: OVER 4.5 (-110)
Hitchens, Sorenson, Mathieu tackles: UNDER
Different Chiefs with rushing attempt: UNDER 4.5 (-110)
Different Chiefs with a reception: OVER 7.5 (-110)
Chiefs first downs: UNDER 24
Chiefs points: UNDER 29.5
Chiefs 2H points: UNDER 14
Will Chiefs score in all 4 quarters: NO (-200)
Chiefs third down conversions: UNDER 5.5 (-110)
Will Chiefs convert a 4th down: YES (-120)
Chiefs rushing yards: OVER 78.5 (-110)
Chiefs total net yards: UNDER 405.5 (-110)

Bucs Props

First pass by Tom Brady: COMPLETE (-200)
First reception by Chris Godwin: UNDER 10.5 (-110)
First rush by Leonard Fournette: UNDER 3.5 (-110)
Bucs convert first 3rd down attempt: NO (-150)
What will happen first? Bucs score or Bucs punt: Bucs Punt (-160)
First gross punt by Bradley Pinion: UNDER 44.5 (-110)
First rush by Ronald Jones: OVER 3.5 (-110)
Longest rush by Ronald Jones: OVER 12.5 (-110)
First reception by Cameron Brate: UNDER 8.5 (-110)
First reception by Antonio Brown: OVER 9.5 (-110)
First reception by Rob Gronkowski: UNDER 9.5 (-110)
Will Tom Brady throw a 1Q TD: YES (+170)
Distance of first Tom Brady TD pass: UNDER 10.5 (-110)
Which will Tom Brady throw first: TD (-320)
Will Rob Gronkowski score a TD: YES (+220)
First kickoff from Bradley Pinion a touchback: NO (+375)
Will the Bucs score a 1Q TD: Yes (+100)
Bucs 1Q Points: OVER 3.5 (-120)
First reception by Mike Evans: OVER 10.5 (-110)
Longest reception by Mike Evans: OVER 27.5 (-110)
Longest reception by Cameron Brate: OVER 14.5 (-110)
Will the Bucs score a 2Q TD: YES (-190)
Will Tom Brady throw a 2Q TD: YES (-140)
Longest reception by Rob Gronkowski: OVER 15.5 (-110)
Total receptions by Rob Gronkowski: OVER 2.5 (-110)
Shortest gross punt by Bradley Pinion: UNDER 38.5 (-110)
Bucs 1H points: OVER 13.5 (+100)
Longest reception by Leonard Fournette: OVER 12.5 (-110)
Will Antonio Brown score a TD: YES (+190)
Antonio Brown receptions: OVER 3.5 (-150)
Tom Brady TD passes: OVER 2 (-130)/OVER 2.5 (+160)
Rob Gronkowski receiving yards: OVER 30.5 (-110)
Will the Bucs score a 3Q TD: YES (-120)
Longest rush by Leonard Fournette: OVER 12.5 (-110)
Will Leonard Fournette score a TD: YES (+100)
Will the Bucs get a rushing TD: YES (-180)
Will Antoine Winfield Jr. intercept a pass: YES (+800)
Leonard Fournette receptions: OVER 3.5 (-150)
Leonard Fournette total rushing yards: OVER 46.5 (-110)
Leonard Fournette total receiving yards: OVER 26.5 (-110)
Leonard Fournette longest reception: OVER 12.5 (-110)
Ronald Jones total rushing yards: OVER 34.5 (-110)
Will Ryan Succop make a 3Q FG: YES (+200)
Leonard Fournette rush attempts: OVER 11.5 (-110)
Ronald Jones rush attempts: OVER 9.5 (-110)
Bucs total sacks: OVER 1.5 (-170)
Devin White total tackles: OVER 9.5 (-110)
Tom Brady passing yards: UNDER 290.5 (-110)
Tom Brady completions: UNDER 26.5 (-110)
Tom Brady incompletions: UNDER 13.5 (-110)
Tom Brady pass attempts: UNDER 39.5 (-110)
Tom Brady most passing yards in which half: First Half (+110)
Any Tom Brady rushing Prop: UNDER
Will Tom Brady throw 2 or more TDs in any quarter: YES (+200)
Ronald Jones to score a TD: NO (-235)
Mike Evans receiving yards: UNDER 64.5 (-110)
Mike Evans receptions: UNDER 4.5 (-110)
Any Mike Evans TD prop: NO
Any Chris Godwin receiving prop: UNDER/NO
Any Scotty Miller prop: UNDER/NO
Cameron Brate receiving yards: UNDER 26.5 (-110)
Cameron Brate receptions: OVER 2.5 (-140)
Cameron Brate to score TD: NO (-500)
Longest reception by Antonio Brown: UNDER 18.5 (-110)
Any Ryan Succop prop (excluding 3Q FG): UNDER/NO
Different Buccaneers to score: UNDER 3.5 (-120)
Bucs first half rushing TD: NO (-200)
Bucs first downs: OVER 21.5 (-110)
Bucs points: OVER 26.5 (-110)
Will the Bucs score in all 4 quarters: NO (-240)
Will the Bucs score a 4Q TD: NO (+150)
Bucs total penalties: UNDER 4.5 (-110)
Bucs total penalty yardage: UNDER 43.5 (-110)
Bucs rushing yards: OVER 92.5 (-110)
Bucs total net yards: UNDER 383.5 (-110)
Sean Murphy-Bunting tackles: OVER 4.5 (-130)
Carlton Davis, Jason Pierre-Paul, Lavonte David tackles: UNDER
Carlton Davis/Sean Murphy-Bunting INT: NO
Player to score first TD for Bucs: Gronk +800

Both Teams

Coin Toss: HEADS (-102)
Will either team score in the first 6.5 minutes of the game: NO (+135)
First penalty: Bucs (+100)
Team to score first: Chiefs (-125)
Longest made field goal: OVER 46.5 (-110)
First made field goal: OVER 37.5 (-110)
First score: Any non-TD (+180)
Will any team make a FG in the first quarter: YES (-110)
First TD: Rob Gronkowski (+1600)
First TD: UNDER 9.5 yards (-110)
First TD: Passing (-170)
Jersey number of the first player to score a TD: OVER 17.5 (-110)
First Quarter: Bucs ML (+125)
First Quarter: Bucs +0.5 (-125)
First Quarter: PUSH 10
Will either team score in the final 2 minutes of the first half: YES (-400)
First Half: Bucs +2.5 (-110)
First Half: Bucs ML (+130)
First Half: UNDER 27.5 (-110)
Total first half TDs by both teams: PUSH 3
Last score of the first half: Touchdown (-115)
Total yardage of all made FGs: OVER 112.5 (-110)
Total kickoff returns by both teams: OVER 3.5 (+170)
First turnover of the game: Interception (-180)
Total INTs by both teams: OVER 1.5 (+140)
Total TDs by both teams: UNDER 6.5 (-110)
Total 2nd half TDs by both teams: UNDER 3.5 (-130)
Distance of final TD of the game: OVER 8.5 (-110)
Longest TD play: UNDER 46.5 (-110)
Total distance of TDs: UNDER 97.5 (-110)
Most rushing yards: Bucs -14.5 (-110)
Most first downs: Bucs +2.5 (-110)
Most points, Chiefs 1H vs. Bucs full game: Bucs full game -12.5 (-110)
Most points, Bucs 1H vs. Chiefs full game: Bucs 1H +16.5 (-110)
Highest scoring quarter by both teams: UNDER 21 (-110)
Lowest scoring quarter by both teams: UNDER 3.5 (-110)
Total punts by both teams: OVER 6.5 (-110)
Total yards by both teams: UNDER 788.5 (-110)
Last score of the game: Any non-TD (+190)
Will there be a scoreless quarter: YES (+425)
Will there be a lead change in the 4th quarter: NO (-240)
Total number of players with passing attempts: UNDER 2.5 (-150)
Total number of players with rushing attempts: PUSH 8
Will the team that scores first win the game: NO (+140)
Will the game be tied after 0-0: NO (-110)
Will there be a successful 2-point conversion: NO (-300)
Will there be a 2-point conversion attempt: NO (-150)
Will there be a special teams/defensive TD: NO (-300)
Fumbles lost by both teams: UNDER 1.5 (-300)
Will there be OT: NO (-1600)
Will there be a safety: NO (-1400)
Team to score last in the first half: Bucs (+105)
Largest lead by either team: OVER 14.5 (-110)
Will either team make a 4Q FG: NO (+150)
Will either team make a 1Q/2Q/3Q FG: YES (-110/-300/-110)
Distance of the final made FG: OVER 36.5 (-110)
Total made FGS: OVER 3.5 (-110)
Team to score last: Bucs (+105)
Will any team score 4 straight times: YES (+240)
Shortest TD of the game: UNDER 1.5 (-170)
Player to score last TD of the first half: Brown +1400
Player to score first TD of the second half: Fournette +1200
Player to score last TD of the game: Fournette +1200
Super Bowl LV MVP: Brady +250

Player Head-to-Heads

Brady vs. Mahomes
More completions: Mahomes -1.5 (-110)
More pass attempts: Mahomes -2.5 (-110)
More TD passes: Brady +0.5 (-130)
More passing yards: Mahomes -39.5 (-110)
Who will throw TD pass first: Brady (+115)
Who will throw an INT first: Mahomes (+160)
More rushing yards: Mahomes -19.5 (-110)

More rushing yards, Fournette vs. Williams: Fournette -20.5 (-110)
More rushing yards, Edwards-Helaire vs. Jones: Edwards-Helaire +4.5 (-110)
More receiving yards, Hill vs. Evans: Hill -26.5 (-110)
More receiving yards, Kelce vs. Evans: Kelce -34.5 (-110)
More receiving yards, Hill vs. Godwin: Hill -10.5 (-110)
More receiving yards, Kelce vs. Godwin: Kelce -19.5 (-110)
More receiving yards, Hardman vs. Gronkowski: Gronk -5.5 (-110)
More points, Butker vs. Succop: Butker (-120)
First FG: Butker (-110)
Player to score TD first, Fournette vs. Edwards-Helaire: Fournette (-180)