These Weird Super Bowl Prop Bets Are A Great Way To Set Your Money On Fire

01.23.17 2 years ago

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The Super Bowl is many things. It is the game that determines the NFL’s champion. It is the biggest day of the year for television advertisers. It is also the biggest day of the year for degenerate gamblers.

The Super Bowl props sheet is almost endless. In actual sports books in Las Vegas, you can wager on any and everything that will happen on the field during the game itself. You want to wager on the third string running back’s yardage total? Go crazy. However, the offshore books, which have far fewer regulations, will allow to bet on pretty much anything remotely associated with the game. released it’s early props sheet on Monday with the extreme exotic prop options, including odds on Lady Gaga’s halftime performance and things Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will say on the air. Before we get into the weirdest prop bets available, I want to add the disclaimer that these are terrible bets and you are pretty much lighting your money on fire by betting on them (but they’re really fun).

Here are the 10 weirdest prop bets available:

1. Lady Gaga’s hair color during halftime show

Blonde/Yellow -170
Brown +200
Green +1000
Pink +1500
White +1500
Blue +1500
Purple +2000
Orange +2000

If you’ve got the plug on the Super Bowl halftime hair stylist, hammer this. Otherwise, don’t bet on hair color, please.

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