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Laure Manaudou is a revered sports icon in France.  The current world record holder in the 200m and 400m freestyle, she is the only French woman to win an Olympic gold medal in any swimming event.  She also used to date Italian swimmer Luca Marin and had a huge public fight with him at the European Championships on Sunday.  Hours later, sexually explicit pictures and video of her mysteriously appeared on the Internet.  The Times says:

The former lovers had a public spat… after Manaudou, now with a new French boyfriend, threw Marin’s ring into the pool. Apparently flustered, she failed to win the 200 metres freestyle, although she had won gold medals in 100 metres backstroke and 400 metres freestyle…

As Manaudou’s lawyers attempted to halt the spread of the photographs [Noooooo! -Ed.], Marin denied that he was behind what the Italian press called the “porn pictures”. “I know nothing about the video and have only seen the photos,” he said. “It is ridiculous to think that it was me who put them there,” he told the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Typical Italian cowardice.  He can't even admit to doing something as underhanded and despicable (yet also slightly cool) as taking dirty photos of his girlfriend then sharing them with the world when she gets on his nerves.  Not that France is any better.  God, what a pair of douchebag countries.  

Anyway, as expert masturbator Ryan pointed out to me, the EXTREMELY NSFW photos can be found HERE until her lawyers attack the English-speaking part of the Internet.  They're kinda scary.  The pictures, I mean.  Although lawyers can be scary, too.  On the one hand, women aren't supposed to be built like that.  In the other, I have my cock.

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