The Queen Attacking A Kangaroo: Still Better Olympics Coverage Than NBC

As you might’ve guessed, I get my Olympics updates exclusively from Samuel L. Jackson and Taiwan’s Next Media Animation, and so far I know more than I ever expected to about MUGGAFUQQUAHS and panda bears shooting up Chinese swimmers with comically-oversized steroid needles.

Today’s offering from Carol and whoever else is a beautifully animated recap of the Olympics feud between Australia and their “former colonial masters” Great Britain. Predictably enough, Australia’s not good at the Olympics because they’re too busy catching Fosters cans with boomerangs, having sex with sheep and letting dingoes run away with their babies. But hell, I don’t want to spoil it all for you.

Check out the video below:

You’ve got to feel bad for that kangaroo. He gets hit in the head with a bat by the Queen, gets knocked off the medal platform by the most USA guy ever and has his eyes poked out by the kiwi bird living in his ass. Maybe next time, guys.