Which Team Has Georgia Tech's LRMC Picked To Win The NCAA Tournament?

According to its website, the Georgia Tech Logistic Regression/Markov Chain uses basic “scoreboard data” to rank college basketball teams. Basically, the people behind it take the nerdiest parts of NCAA men’s basketball, nerd them together until they’re nice and nerdier, and nerd them all over us until nerd, nerd, nerd. And when all the dork dust settles, the numbers that they have created will help determine which team is the best in college basketball, which is something that has been traditionally handled in the more obsolete way of having teams play each other.

A product of Tech’s H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, which produces more wedgies than any school in the country, there are three types of LRMC rankings that are calculated. I won’t pretend to know the difference between any of them, any more that I’m pretending to understand what any of this college boy nerd crap means, but I know that people love to gamble on the NCAA Tournament, and the LRMC has predicted the tournament champion three out of the last six years. So let’s take a look at which team the LRMC has predicted to win, as well as the entire NCAA Tournament outcome, as determined by numbers and sh*t.

So there you have it, gamblers. The computer thinks that Louisville will repeat by defeating Florida in the championship game. Meanwhile, I have the opposite happening in my championship game, and I took college algebra three times. Close enough. BOOM, whatcha think about that, science?