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Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow said earlier today that Clay Travis, aka the Bill Simmons of the South, invaded the South Eastern Conference’s media day today and asked a question to which anyone who had paid attention to Tebow over the last three years–has the Heisman Trophy winner ever had stinky on his hangdown? Says Travis:

The most popular player in SEC history is saving himself for marriage. Unbelievable. I asked him this afternoon, and he didn’t even blink before responding. He handled it masterfully, deftly. He even said he wasn’t surprised to get the question. Talk about unflappable.

There have been famous virgins in the entertainment world before, think Britney Spears (a lie) and A.C. Green (purportedly true), but has there ever been someone like Tebow who has publicly announced he’s a virgin? via.

Glad we finally blew the lid off that mystery. But not asking if he’s ever achieved during a dry hump? Not that I want to know that. I don’t really care who has sex with whom, ever. But then I understand Travis followed Tebow back to his hotel and unscrewed the peephole while Tebow brushed his hair. What, we’re not joking about that yet?

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