Teen ‘Jeopardy!’ Hero Chose To Meme Herself After Being Stumped During Final Jeopardy

Sabrina The Teenage Jeopardy! Contestant knew she was screwed when she saw the Final Jeopardy answer. Instead of going out with a whimper, she decided death by meme was the honorable way to go. She’s so proud of herself too. Alex Trebek is quite humorless about it, maybe because he doesn’t get the joke unlike myself, who is hip to all the rad memes the dope teens are memeing.

The shame here is Sabrina didn’t wager $9,531 in case she didn’t have the answer. Strategically, it’s no different than her real wager and if she could have left herself with $69, she would have been the meme queen down at the malt shop on Saturday night. Or wherever it is the teens hang these days.