Extremely Loud Sex Noises Interrupted A Tennis Match In Florida

Tennis matches regularly feature grunting, but that’s supposed to come from the players as they hit the ball back and forth in a rally. Those in the stands are supposed to remain silent during action, but on Tuesday night in Sarasota, it was grunting and loud sex noises coming from the stands (or near the stands) that caused a brief delay in action.

You can hear the noises very clearly about 15 seconds into the video and then again later, closer to the 2 minute mark, as Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Kruger both stop in confusion to figure out what all the racket is — pun intended — coming from the stands.

The first time, Kruger runs over and grabs a ball from the umpire’s chair and slams it towards where the noise is coming from like he’s trying to scare away some squirrels. The second time, Tiafoe yells, “it can’t be that good!” but the two love birds would not be stopped that easily.

The best part, by far, is the lady in the crowd making her younger son cover his ears so as not to hear the raucous sex coming from nearby. The announcer initially thought it was someone watching an adult video on their phone, but the players after the match felt very confident it was the real deal.

Who knew tennis could put two people in such a mood? Anyways, Tiafoe was the one that was able to deal with the distraction and advanced in straight sets over Kruger.

(h/t Deadspin)

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