Terrell Owens Claims Jason Garrett Wanted To Get Him Off Of The Cowboys In A Twitter Rant

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The last time Terrell Owens was on a football field he was playing flag football in San Jose, but he still has plenty to say about his former NFL teams.

The best Hall of Fame-eligible wideout to not actually be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame went off on Friday, tweeting about everything from Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett to the best coach he’s ever played for, who is not Jason Garrett.

Owens was talking with more human Twitter users when the topic of the Cowboys came up, which gave him the opportunity to vent about his exit from the Cowboys. Owens said Garrett was instrumental in not only getting Owens out of Dallas, but also Wade Phillips, who was the coach of the Cowboys before Garrett rose from offensive coordinator to head coach.

According to For the Win, Owens said Garrett “doesn’t know how to make adjustments” in some now-deleted tweets.

Owens also talked about his exit from Philadelphia, saying the quarterback there, Donovan McNabb, didn’t want him there anymore.

If there is one thing you can say about Owens at this point, it’s that he’s still willing to speak his mind. Even if it could hurt his perception among Hall of Fame voters.