Texas Football Coach Charlie Strong Is Staging Tiger Fights In His Office Now

charlie strong
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As the head coach of the Texas Longhorns, Charlie Strong has to deal with a lot. His position is one of the most high-pressure coaching jobs in all of college football, with a notoriously zealous base of boosters and one of the largest gaps between a school’s national profile and recent success of any in the NCAA. Maybe that explains why Strong can look so damn cool while two tiger cubs wrestled not five feet away from him in the middle of his office. I hope he secured any ferns or ficus trees in the vicinity before linebacker Dalton Santos snapped this picture:

Yahoo reports that the two tiger cubs (twins named Bonnie and Clyde [aww]) are currently fostered by a booster before they move to their permanent home in the Portland Zoo. Someone should really keep an eye on that booster because, after the Longhorns went 6-7 in Strong’s first year as head coach, it’s possible those tigers showed up as a threat: “You know, coach, these here tigers will be damn near full-grown by this time next year. You wouldn’t want to see them back in your office after another 6-7 season, now would you?”

Stay safe, Charlie. Also, may I add that “Texas Tiger Fight” would make a hell of a band name? Make this happen, internet.

(Via Yahoo)