That’s A Dirty Move, Sanchez

While the world picked between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets in yesterday’s AFC Championship game, Mark Sanchez picked his nose and wiped it on Mark Brunell. The Steelers, of course, went on to win the game 24-19 and will play in their third Super Bowl in six years, but because I have the mind of a 5th grader, I’m only focused on Sanchez’s booger wiping. And yes, I did win a prize for being the 1 millionth person to make a Dirty Sanchez joke. What did I win? *points to crotch*

Players notoriously play pranks on each other, so I’m sure this was a good-natured ribbing between the Jets starting QB and his veteran backup. But come on, Sanchez! Act like you’ve wiped a booger on a guy before. Only an amateur gets busted. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady would have not only wiped their boogers on their backups without them noticing, but they would have put them on their faces. Sure, you beat them both in the playoffs, but did you win what really matters? No sir. You have a lot of learning left to do, Mark.

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