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Apparently one of the special Aussie rules in Aussie rules football is that you don’t tell teammates that their house burned down until after the team has suffered a loss. At least that’s what happened to Cobden ruckman (Incidentally, Cobden Ruckman is the name of the main character in the next Colin Firth movie) Simon Morris. Nothing cushions a blow like another blow.

Many of his teammates were aware of the bad news when they stepped onto the oval, but they decided there was little point in telling Mr Morris until after the game.

Mr Morris lost everything in the blaze, including a 1997 Hampden Football Netball League premiership medal and jumper and a treasure trove of sporting memorabilia including a signed Geelong Football Club premiership jumper.

He said he was glad the club did not to tell him before the clash, as there was nothing he could have done anyway.  And he said he would have liked a spa after the game, “but it had melted too”.

CFA officer Nick Brown said the blaze had engulfed the home by the time crews arrived and said the fire may have been started by a computer in the bedroom.

That’s where you went wrong, my man. You don’t leave the computer in the bedroom where it can easily spread to flammable objects like bed sheets and your collection of restraints. No, it’s got to be in an office, where it has a slim chance of spreading to your personal spa, you little nancy.

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