That’s Not How You Play Goalie

04.20.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

This is Red Bull Salzburg goalkeep Eddie Gustafsson, who is about to enjoy a flying cleat right into the side of his shin. And since we’re posting it, you have a pretty good idea of what’s about to happen next. Video’s after the jump, but watch dude flying in there all “hi-ya!” and whatever. What else could he be trying to do other than snap the guy’s leg in half? Austrians probably love this kind of then. They practically rolled out a red carpet for all those Nazi tanks back in the day. That was Austria, right?

Head coach Huub Stevens was absolutely stunned by his goalkeeper’s injury.

“After seeing something as horrible as this, I really don’t care about winning the league title at the moment,” said Stevens on the official Red Bull website. –Goal.

Gustafsson was airlifted to the hospital and is expected to be out for “several months.” No word yet on how the offender, Lukas Kragl, will be disciplined. I suggest dragging him through the streets by his toenails. That’s probably why I’m not running Austrian soccer. Among other reasons. nichts fur schwache nerven, indeed. More from Slanch Report.

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