11.30.06 11 years ago 5 Comments

Yeah, yeah, I heard… Mark McGwire is on the Hall of Fame ballot. I'm willfully avoiding the subject, even though if you think he should get into the Hall you clearly have no soul and belong in Hell, sodomized for eternity by a splintered 4x4s from the remains of the Polo Grounds.

Thankfully, the Dugout distracts us from that argument in today's episode, in which aggressively unfunny writers Patrick Hruby and Jim Caple of Page 2 ("'s chunky vomit. The analogy works right down to the color scheme.") discuss Dante Bichette's Hall of Fame credentials.

I don't want to ruin the surprise for you, but if McGwire is having trouble getting votes, all he needs to do is change his t-shirt. 

(Seriously, Dante Bichette? Who else made the ballot, Pete Harnisch? Oh wait. He did.)

Update: As wet blanket commmenter Rob notes, the last link is not to the ballot itself, but to the list of players eligible for the ballot. With Leather does not regret the error.

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