The Best Kick You’ll See This Year

Senior Writer
05.19.11 6 Comments

Sometimes we come across videos that have no description other than “zOMG TH1S GUY GOT R0cK3D!” and it doesn’t matter, because it’s the quality of the meat, not which cow it came from. In the clip below, we have what seems to be a traditional kickboxing match, since there are no hands dipped in glue and rolled in glass, and I also didn’t see anyone enter to a 15-minute video montage complete with an ACDC soundtrack. What I did see was a guy pull off a flawless 360 kick, landing his foot squarely across his opponent’s dome, dropping him instantly.

For extra badassery, the guy just walks to the other corner and stands there like a monk. You know, a monk who just tried to kick a guy’s head off. And the cherry on top is the fighter outside the ring making the Sign of the Cross. This video covers all of its bases.

(Video via Fight Linker)

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