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Are you a die-hard fan who likes to show off that he idolizes another man by wearing a pro athlete’s replica jersey?  Are you constantly disappointed that some women will still accidentally make eye contact with you when you wear the jersey?  Well, good news!  Now you can get Star Wars-themed sports jerseys!

Fans are sure to be impressed with the quality and attention to detail [and gayness – Ed.] Drew Pearson has lavished on their latest Star Wars sports accessory. Made of pique mesh, the “flaming Vader” graphics are embroidered twill appliqués in the classic red and black Sith colors. Both sleeves feature “Sith League” appliqués as well, set off by metal studs.

Oh good.  People who idolize the Star Wars franchise are known sports enthusiasts, renowned for their love of going outdoors and participating in team athletics.  Why, you can’t go three feet at Comic-Con without bumping into a star high school quarterback dressed like a Wookie.  **Sigh** Girls are such suckers for guys with The Force.

[Basketbawful via Fan IQ]

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