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The FanHaus picked up on a story in the Oxford Press that examines British attitudes towards American football leading up to next season's Dolphins-Giants tilt at Wembley Stadium.  And they don't know anything! Because they're stupid Brits who don't know anything.

Londoner Tim Pickergill said he cannot name many Miami Dolphins.  "Just Joe Montana, really," he said.

What an idiot!  Like "Montana" is even a real person's last name.  It's a state, not a quarterback.

Your favorite Dolphin, sir? "The Rock," said North London's James Day.

Oh my God.  Could they be any more clueless?  I don't even see the connection.  Nicolas Cage never played in the NFL, and Sean Connery isn't even American.  And that movie isn't even about football.  It's about some brave Marines trying to help veterans by destroying San Francisco.  Such a sad ending when the bad guys win.

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