The Brooklyn Cyclones Are Doing Another Star Wars Night With Sith Jerseys And Bird Jedi

The Brooklyn Cyclones have regularly raised the bar with quirky Minor League ballpark promotions, holding a “hipster night,” bringing in the World’s Strongest Man for photo ops and hosting a Seinfeld Night in July. Their latest promo: Star Wars Night II, happening in August.

I know what you’re thinking … yeah, “Star Wars Night” is kinda played out. The Durham Bulls are already wearing R2D2 jerseys, the Toledo Mud Hens are repping Chewbacca and even Major League teams are inviting Stormtroopers to games. So what’s special about this?

How about BIRD JEDI?

That’s so weird and fantastic at the same time. They didn’t bother giving him a bird body.

And we’re starting to run out of Star Wars characters to make jerseys out of, so the Cyclones are just wearing Darth Maul faces.

That’s a great way to get split in half, guys.

You can check out the Cyclones site for more information, including announcements like this:

In the coming weeks, we will have additional information regarding our Star Wars Night packages featuring an exclusive meet and greet with classic Star Wars characters, a post-game family sleepover, lightsaber training for kids and more.

Lightsaber sleepovers. I’m in.