The Brooklyn Nets Dancers Look Great

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09.27.12 5 Comments

The other day, the above image of the Brooklyn Nets dancers, the Brooklynettes, hit the webs and two things occurred to me. First, the Brooklynettes is such an awesome name for their dancers and I will flick a booger at anyone who disagrees. Second, big whoop, we’ve known what their uniforms look like for two months now. But I guess this image showed off a little more of how edgy this squad of shakers and shimmiers will be, presumably as a distraction from Kris Humphries swallowing flies.

Yesterday, though, Amanda Lyn Ferri, one of the only reasons I still check my Tumblr (along with the Animal Blog), posted a picture of what she believes is the Brooklynettes’ inspiration

That’s a pretty solid comparison right there. I might have gone with this if a few of the dancers were hairier:

But that Clueless comparison is probably better. It’s just, you guys haven’t lived until you’ve seen Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue. Thankfully, Universal Studios in Florida still has it, while Universal Studios Hollywood replaced it with Spider-Man Rocks. Sorry, but the only Jewish rock stars I recognize are in KISS.

Anyway, as I was trying to say, the Brooklynettes’ uniforms are no mystery, as the dancers have been on a whirlwind PR tour since at least July, traveling across the country and as far as Brazil to show off their new black-and-white swag *punches self in crotch* in an effort to raise awareness that the Nets of New Jersey are no more, and the new over-spending Brooklyn team is the star of New York City now. Not those stupid Knicks, right Mikhail Prokhorov? Please don’t kill me.

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